Helpful Video Tips

  • Applicants are encouraged to be creative in making their videos, which can range from using your smart phone to edited videos.

  • Videos will not be scored based on technical quality. This means it doesn't have to be beautifully edited. Just seeing the passion on your face is exciting enough for us!

  • Videos should address the question “Describe how you are leading innovation in digital teaching in your classroom to promote student engagement and achievement?”

  • Videos should be one to two minutes in length. Only the first two minutes of your video will be reviewed.

  • Videos must be uploaded to YouTube and the URL must be provided in the application form. (Click on the "Access Application" button in the left navigation).

  • Video will not be accepted via email and cannot be uploaded to the application form.

  • You can post your video as “unlisted” when uploading it to YouTube -- this means that only people with the link can view the video and it cannot be found in YouTube’s public space. Click here for instructions.

  • Please make sure your video is not posted as "private," or the judges will not be able to view it.


The application period for the 2016 PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovators program is now closed.

Who is a PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator?

  • A tech-savvy K-12 educator with a passion for using digital technology and media.
  • A leader with a desire to empower their peers and share strategies around digital media integration.
  • An active sharer of content and ideas through social media.
  • A PBS Education ambassador that embraces life-long learning, collaboration and recognizes the power technology has to inspire students.